Partner News

01.07.2014 Silego
New Industry Leading Reverse Blocking Load Switch Provides High Function in Tiny Package

15.05.2014 Cypress
Cypress Introduces Asynchronous SRAMs With On-Chip Error-Correcting Code for Superior Reliability

06.05.2014 Cypress
Cypress Expands Industry-Leading Nonvolatile RAM Portfolio With New 16 Mb Parallel nvRAM Family

01.04.2014 Cypress
Cypress Introduces QDR-IV SRAMs With Industry-Leading Ramdom Transaction Rate for Next-Generation Networking Equipment

25.03.2014 SMART Modular
SMART Modular Announces High Performance DDR4 DRAM Module Support for Server, Storage and Networking Applications

20.03.2014 Silego
Silego Introduces a 28mOhm Ultra-Low Quiescent Current P-Channel GreenFET3™ Load Switch

22.01.2014 SMART Modular
SMART Modular Announces XR-DIMM Small Form Factor DDR3 Module for Ruggedized Embedded Computing Applications

11.12.2012 Cypress
Schneider Electric Selects Cypress 1-Mbit Serial nvSRAMs For Two Programmable Automation Controllers

18.11.2013 Silego
Silego Technology Introduces 3rd generation 32.768 Quartz Replacement Technology

07.11.2013 SMART Modular
SMART Modular´s "Enterprise Memory" Reduces Defective Parts per Million (DPPM) Rate by More Then 90%

10.12.2013 SMART Modular
SMART Introduces New Memory Module Form Factor with Industry´s First Module-In-A-Package™ (MIP™)

14.08.2013 SMART Modular
SMART Modular Technologies Announces New eMMC™ Product Family

14.11.2012 Cypress
Micron Technology, Inc., and AgigA Tech Collaborate to Develop Nonvolatile DIMM Technology

18.10.2012 Cypress
Cypress Semiconductor Completes Tender Offer for Ramtron International

10.9.2012 Cypress
Cypress Adds 16-Mbit Parallel nvSRAMs and Synchronous NAND Interfaces to Industry-Leading Non-Volatile Memory Portfolio

20.10.2011 Cypress
Cypress Strongly Affirms Commitment to SRAM Market

08.09.2011 ProMOS
VAREP now represents ProMOS Technologies, a leading DRAM supplier

05.08.2011 Cypress
AgigA Tech Introduces Evaluation Systems For AGIGARAM Non-Volatile Memory Solutions

02.06.2011 Cypress
Cypress Introduces High Density FIFO Memories

28.07.2011 Cypress
Cypress Introduces World´s First 128-Mbit, 64-Mbit, and 32-Mbit Low Power Asynchronous SRAMs with 32-bit Bus Widths

19.04.2011 Cypress
QDR Consortium Unveils New, Highest-Speed QDR SRAMs

16.03.2011 Cypress
Cypress Expands Serial nvSRAM Portfolio With New I2C And Second-Generation SPI Devices in Densities from 64kb to 1Mb